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February's News: Planning and Preparing for a Big Spring

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26 Feb 2018
Astrobiology Fractals Scaling Algorithmic Complexity

February: A month of energy storage and preparation for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Read on, intrepid Explorers, to see what we've been up to and what we're planning for this Spring!



If you’re a long time Complexity Explorer, you know how much we love design competitions. This time around put your skills to use designing a logo for the Santa Fe Institute’s inaugural InterPlanetary Festival, where we apply complexity science to the challenges of becoming an interplanetary civilization. 

What is the InterPlanetary Festival?:

"As part of the larger InterPlanetary Project, the first annual InterPlanetary Festival will draw space enthusiasts from around the world to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA for a celebration of human ingenuity. The festival takes place June 7-8, 2018, where it will transform the Railyard District to showcase technology and innovation in space exploration and interplanetary habitation.

Participants will also enjoy open-air concerts, games, lectures, panel discussions, a Sci-Fi film showcase, art walks, art and science installations, and a costume contest.  Activities will engage festival participants in citizen science programs focused on interplanetary topics.”  

Not only will your winning design be used and seen by thousands at the InterPlanetary Festival, but you will also win $1000! 

Check out the details here and get drawing!

P.S. Festival invitation coming soon!!



Check out this great course here



Something old, something new, all for you: our flagship course Introduction to Complexity will run again this spring, starting on April 9th. Take it if you haven't, and recommend it to a friend if you have! 

And for the new: Algorithmic Information Dynamics: From Networks to Cells will begin on April 30th. Check out the awesome introduction video here and get ready to learn an incredible new perspective on the exchange of information in complex systems. Because this is a new course, we will be charging a small tuition fee, but scholarships will be available. 



Saw last year's challenge but weren't able to participate? Want to cap off your Complexity Explorer coursework with a unique online learning opportunity? This spring's Complexity Challenge opens in April! Following the success of our previous challenge, we've got a fresh new open-ended question to answer:  you'll be working on a frequency-dependent resource allocation problem. Look for the sign up announcements, coming to our news feed and your inbox soon. 



Usually we take this space to wax poetic about our beloved subtitle team, but this month we’re taking a different rhetorical tack: 

Hard. Facts. Only. 

Most subtitles created in January: Hazm Talab, 67 min, Arabic

Second Place: Diego Diaz Cordova, 35 min, Spanish

Third place: Mujun Chen, 16 min, Chinese

All-time top performer: Diego Diaz Cordova, 350 minutes (that’s 6 hours of subtitles - incredible!)

And now, some subtitle program facts:

Total number of languages represented: 46

Average number of languages spoken by team members: 1.3

Average minutes subtitled per team member: 18

Total subtitled hours: 143 

Check out our most frequently subtitled languages: 

Wish more of our videos were in your your native language? Sign up to subtitle here



As a small nonprofit project within a small nonprofit organization, Complexity Explorer relies on donations to create and distribute our content. Thanks to contributions from users, we’ve been able to not only keep the site alive and offering courses, but also make new content like our tutorials and courses, some upcoming new short-form videos, and improvements to our site's functionality.  Most importantly, your donations keep almost all of our content free.

Every dollar donated to Complexity Explorer supports our programming, and we thank you for helping us bring the science of the Santa Fe Institute to the larger community — you. Donate here - any amount of support counts!

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